29th - 31st October 2019
Dresden, Germany

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Fleet Operations and Evolving Platform Design

The 4th edition of Combat Helicopter, chaired by Air Marshal Greg Bagwell CB CBE, Former Deputy Commander of Operations, Royal Air Force, began with a full group session that covered fleet operations and management as well as evolving platform design.

The first session included a comprehensive picture of the Canadian Aviation forces from Brig Gen Eric Kenny; he was followed by a brief from Doug Henderson of BAES/Rockwell Collins on a light weight tactical data links capability. The first session was completed by a head turning presentation on the challenges of aviation operations in Pakistan from Brig Gen Amir Shehzad, who is the Chief of Staff Aviation for the Pakistan Army.

The session before lunch covered some platform design issues and was kicked off by Mike Gleason from Bell Helicopter, who bridge d Bells long pedigree to today's requirements. He was followed by Dan Bailey from the US Department of Defence who talked about future NATO rotorcraft capabilities from a US perspective. The final presentation before lunch was given by Marc Jouan from Airbus Helicopters on their HForce concept.

The afternoon session split into 2 streams and Stream 2 focussed on missile development, battle space networks and operational readiness challenges.

Eric Mornard from THALES presented on their induction tickets, and he was followed by Allon Baneth from Rafael who pitched the SPIKE weapon system. The session was wrapped up by a presentation by Air Marshal Greg Bagwell on the future challenges and requirements for battle space networks.

The final day's session was begun by Captain (USN) Mark Leavitt who talked to the US Navy challenge and the successful integration of the unmanned Fire Scout. Marcel Van Hilton from Fokker Services presented on Smart supply chain models and methods. Stream 2 was wrapped up by Lt Col Jean-Marc Imbault from the French MoD Air Accident Investigation Branch who presented on some recent French lessons learned.